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Lab Rescue Debacle :)

Message to fellow Rescuers :)

Posted by voices4animals on September 13, 2014 at 5:20 AM

Suzi, Mikki, Fresno Lab Rescue & Robin....


While sitting here trying to makes heads or tails out of the entire "situation" that arose between us.. I just had to

contact you all - together - and point out something interesting.


I hope you'll have some patience with me - I can get long winded. :)


Editing the details out to make this as brief as possible... I hope this will make sense.. I hope you can find the humor in this,

as I have, because when you think about it -- it's pretty funny (as long as we can laugh at ourselves)..



1. I post a photo of a lab given to me that an owner of a lab took of his dog that he wants to give away (can't remember if it was craigslist or what). He appears to have severe allergies/inflammation around his mouth. I was worried because his mouth looked extraordinarily swollen (I have worked as a vet assistant, and I haven't seen anything quite that bad except for the mouth of a dog that decided to lick a porcupine).


2. I was letting people know about this lab because there was a LOT of heavy back and forths over the morality in posting puppies for sale in a yard sale group (was it ethical, are these backyard breeders, do we want to provide a platform for that, etc). 

**A small handful of people began a tug of war over a chocolate lab posted for sale by someone in my neighborhood. Robin and I both encouraged her to call a rescue because there was just something very tacky about the whole thing (I know Robin will agree with me). Robin and I were ON THE SAME TEAM....


3. I said in my post - that since there was SO MUCH INTEREST in chocolate labs - here's one that REALLY needs a home, is purebred, etc... I was kind of making a point - while helping a dog find a home.... and I posted a pic of the lab that had been posted on one of the rescue group/lost & found pages....


4. The photo was likely OLDER as it turns out -- because by the time Suzi called the owner, and then met with him, the lab was being treated for an allergic reaction to flea medication (according to the owner). His condition was not at all as it appeared in the photo anymore, thankfully. But I didn't know this at the time.. otherwise I would have removed my post.


5. I connect with Robin who asked me about the lab via that FB group - FIRST -- then we begin chatting via private message on FB. We were having VERY pleasant conversations. I enjoyed talking to her!


6. I give Robin Suzi's cell phone number to give to Mikki with Suzi's permission...


7. Suzi is VERY scrupulous when it comes to rescue/adoption. She is very experienced - and knows that you don't just hand over a dog to anyone - even when they say they're with a rescue. How many times as rescuers have we come across hoarders? Or "rescues" that are actually turning around and SELLING dogs - claiming they're a rescue organization, but they're not? It happens a LOT in the border collie world, for sure. So Suzi was being very cautious and decided maybe she should slow down, consider neutering him, spending more time with him, etc - as she normally would for other rescues.


8. Suzi had a family looking at one of her rescues during all this - and knew there was a chance she'd be down one dog, which would make it more manageable as far as having a lab puppy in a 90 lb body in her home.... And thankfully, "Boogie" now has his forever home (elderly beagle) - and she can take the time required to ensure the best placement for "Zap".


9. Meanwhile, even though she said to Mikki that she was going to wait a bit -- Mikki is still expressing interest and continuing to contact her about Zap.


** This is where I'm realizing Mikki must be thinking Suzi is perhaps an every-day-do-gooder with no real rescue experience - and was probably feeling that same angst we ALL feel in similar situations.... we have ALL been there in dog rescue. Yes?


10. Well, the extra /enthusiastic interest by Mikki is sending the signal to Suzi that this just isn't right.. I mean - how many rescues really "pine" after a dog that is in good hands, even if temporary -- I mean all rescues and shelters are MAXED OUT and short on fosters -- right? No rescues are "begging" for dogs right now -- everyone is over their limit and budgets!


** So now SUZI is getting a bad vibe... plus the adoption fee of $400 seemed unusually high to her, so you can imagine how things were looking...


Stay with me now.... :)


11. I let Robin know that Suzi is going to slow it down and wait a bit - maybe get him neutered first, etc -- which seemed find to Robin, and we let it go at that.


** But then I get a message from Robin that SHE might want to adopt the lab.... 


Ok -- so now I'M getting red flags! LOL I'm thinking -- Hmmm... Mikki seems too eager for an ordinary rescuer, and now her friend suddenly wants the dog... To me it started looking like Robin was going to try to get the dog since Mikki couldn't.. and then give it to Mikki...


HOW MANY TIMES have we all had to work in tandem like this to try to rescue a dog that we think is in a bad situation? Where one of our volunteers gets nowhere with trying to rescue a dog, so another volunteer steps in and gives it a try....


We've all been there, haven't we? In Japan - that was what we had to do with nearly EVERY RESCUE..... LOL


12. So I ask my friend Lisa, who lives in Galt, if she knows Mikki-- she thinks she might! So I ask Robin -- does Mikki know Lisa Grijalva in Galt? Robin says "no".....  


13. Needing to find out if "Mikki and Robin" were who they were saying they were -- i start sharing my concerns with a person from Fresno Lab Rescue --- thinking I might have "puppy flippers" on my hands....


NEVER did I say I was going to report someone (I have NO idea where that could have come from -- besides that - who on Earth do we turn puppy flippers into? It's not illegal unfortunately - LOL). That whole thing is just the most colossal miscommunication I have ever witnessed... and look what it's caused...


14. The Fresno person sends me the link to Mikki's FB page -- and I finally have my peace of mind that Mikki IS with a lab rescue -- I was SO grateful!!!! As you can see by my conversation (see attached) with that person (I never got their name)... I had INTENDED on contacting BOTH of you - as I thought you would see the humor in the 4 of us thinking the worst of one another all at the same time -- yet we are all GOOD PEOPLE.


A 4 way over-abundance of caution on ALL our parts!!


And why? Because we ALL KNOW that there are awful things happening to dogs and cats due to craigslist, due to crazy people getting involved in rescue, and because of ignorance... we have ALL seen the worst -- and now we are overly cautious, as we should be, even between rescuers -- and even THAT is as it should be.


I had to laugh tonight at the whole thing. It's kind of like "who's on first"... only a dog rescue version.


I don't think you are horrible people... I do think that the Fresno Lab Rescue person ignited a fire that didn't have to start, as they KNEW I had intended on contacting you to apologize for something you DIDN'T EVEN know I had thought in the first place...  I told her this EARLY in the day - but then had an unexpected friend emergency (sick dog) I had to tend to...


Bottom line - We thought you guys were being evasive, and you all thought we were.... at the same time.


And in the end, it was all for a good cause -- because we all care about what happens to this lovely labrador.


I hope we can let peace prevail... we may all need each other's help one day - and it's simply not worth letting drama, misinformation, and "gossip" gone awry prevent us from helping dogs and people - or from getting along.


In the meantime - rest assured the lab (who is very healthy and a wonderful dog) is safe with Suzi. She will likely work with Animal Friends Connection out of Lodi (I hope I got their name right) whom she volunteers with regularly.


I will go back to FOSTERING for Front Street ... LOL I'm done with networking for awhile and calling out my neighbors who are backyard breeders and causing all sorts of trouble on our yard sale groups. :)


I hope that what we share in common is bigger than this misunderstanding, and we can let it go.


Wish you all the best...



**This is a portion of my conversation with Fresno Lab Rescue (sorry I don't know your name):  


Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno


Kim Petersen

OMG!!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL And I saw THAT PAGE, too - and didn't put two and two together!!!

Talk about an over abundance of caution!

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno

If we are talking about the same person here, she's with Central Cal Lab Rescue unless something has changed. Look at it this way, you can't imagine the weirdos rescues talk to every day trying to figure out WHY someone is dumping a dog or who is lying LOL!

Kim Petersen


I've had her friend messaging me so much - wanting to have the dog.. and we got suspicious!!!!

I'm so embarrassed!!! THANK YOU!!! Has to be her.....

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno

CCLRR has holding kennels in Galt, near Sacramento. Gotta be her.

Kim Petersen

I CAN'T EVEN THANK YOU ENOUGH.. I am so relieved and feel like a schmuck all at the same time -- it's so hard to trust people these days!

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno

Oh please don't be embarrassed, you have the dogs best interest at heart and you don't know her from Adam. Ask her if she knows who I am. We were part of this organization until we branched off to our own here in the area

Kim Petersen

I will confess all to them both -- hopefully they will have a good laugh over it.... praying they do anyway.. LOL

will do -- and THANK YOU again!!!!!!!!





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